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「その源」The Origin

The philosophy and style of KOJIKI resides in its name itself. The KOJIKI or « Records of Ancient Matters » is the oldest chronicle in Japan dating from the 8th century. The KOJIKI is the collection of myths, legends and historical tales concerning the origin of the Japanese archipelago and the Kami ( objects of worship). KOJIKI Whisky is like a dive into ancient Japan and its oldest traditions and rituals. 




KOJIKI is born at the foot of Mount Fuji, in the lovely city of Fuefuki located in the center of the Yamanashi Prefecture situated at around 2 hours West of Tokyo.

The Yamanashi Prefecture is essentially covered by forests and is the place of the Japanese Alps with the highest mountains of the country including the famous Mount Fuji.

A perfect and infinite generous environment blessed by extremely pure air, clear water and high altitude constitutes ideal conditions to elaborate SHINSEI range.

This is the ideal spiritual backdrop to perfect the art of blending which lends Shinsei range its subtle and harmonious elegance.

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